Monday, April 2, 2012

What's an Axolotl?

I don't know. But he looks like one happy dude who's totally at ease, comfortable in his skin, and not afraid to dance. I like the idea of that. I wanna be more like this Axolotl. This blog has nothing to do with him.

I recently discovered I like to make things outta things that were once other things. Not everything I make is upcycled. But I do enjoy finding new ways to use old things. They're seldom good things. Every once in a while I'll make something neat. I'll share those things, warts and all, here - because, well... I can't think of anything better to do at this moment and I'd like to learn how to blog. I'ma learn to make things and blog at the same time and share it along the way.

So here goes, my first blog. I promise - it will get better.


  1. can you make me one? I'll pay you fiddy cents

  2. the ear bud. I couldn't reply directly under the ear bud pic.

  3. I think he looks like a slightly high amphibious mad hatter.