Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quite Possibly, The Greatest Cat Condo Ever Built.

My fiance has a very spoiled special cat. For privacy I will refer to her as Kunta Kitte because I think it's a great cat name. I knew straight away that gaining KK's favor was the key to gaining my fiance's favor (well, GF at the time, but since building this she's agreed to marry me, so draw your own conclusion). This amazing condo is replete with private master bedroom, sunning hammock, three state-of-the-art scratching posts (two carpet, one hemp rope), napping level, two observation decks, and futuristic transportation tube. This thing is, quite honestly, bitchin! I'm pretty proud of myself.

It's at least 90% upcycled. I rebuilt the front stairs and landing on our house and used the old 4x4s for the main supports/scratching posts. I cut off the ends that had rotted and used the remaining good wood.

I purchased some pieces from a place I like to frequent called Second Chance Building Materials Center. There I found the old book shelves which I used for the napping level and two observation decks. Also, two large pieces of particle board (formerly a computer desk) for the base and landing areas, and 10 times more carpet than I needed (it was the remainder of a roll). All for $20. And I donated the remaining carpet back to them to resale.

The private master bedroom is made from my old sub woofer cabinet. It's 17x17.5x15 which is more than big enough for KK to curl up in. The speaker cover is still in place so she can see out but will be undisturbed by kids and what not.

For an unknown reason, my former employer was in possession of an old cardboard 105mm artillery shell shipping container. He was throwing it away and I knew I could make something cool out of it. I cut a hole in the top of the sub woofer and wrapped the tube in hemp rope that I purchased from Home Depot (easily the most expensive portion of the project). I attached it to the landing with a chimney pipe collar, also purchased at Home Depot. This serves as scratching post #3 and the futuristic transportation tube to-and-from the private master bedroom/sub woofer.

The sunning hammock is attached with screws to a 1" dowel rescued from the scrap bin at Home Depot. For ease of entry,there is a 6" hole through the landing above the center of the hammock. She flat out loves this thing and spends up to six hours at a time in it. Probably so she doesn't have to do this anymore.

I removed the rubber "feet" from the sub woofer and put them on the base so that it won't scratch our nice hardwood floor.

Kunta Kitte trucks up and down the levels using the observation decks to spy on cats outside the front window, lounges for hours on the hammock, scratches the heck outta the posts and occasionally hides in the private master bedroom. She's yet to use the futuristic transportation tube. Fear of technology, I assume.


  1. Wow, that's so neat! What a lucky Kitte!

  2. Very nice. I need to commission you to build one for my three cats Indigo, Raji and Atticus.