Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Couple Easy Items

Some of the things I throw together are very simple and only take a few minutes to make.

I've stated before that our house is quite small and finding space can be a bit of a challenge. Which is why the shoe tree has been such a treat. When you only have 625 sqft every foot, square or not, is precious. My dresser drawers are literally only 14" wide. Thankfully, I'm not exaggerating, 'cause if I were they'd only be 12" wide. My point being I need every square inch of space I can get in there. My rolled up belts were taking up space in the dresser that could be occupied by a pair of pants. So I dug through my box of laser printer metal and found this little buddy that each of the toner cartridges somehow were attached to. I think.  
With a couple of screws from said printer, and a heaping helping of convincing, I attached it to the side of my fiance's dresser (which is vastly larger than mine). And just like that, I have room for another pair of pants! Took me all of about 2 mins to mark, drill, and mount.

I do have to be careful of how many things like this I put in plain view in the house. I don't want it to look like a dumpster tipped over in it. Or like a laser printer blew up either. This would have worked nicely on the back of a door for coats or towels, inside of a cupboard for measuring cups or spoons, or even in the laundry "room". But I needed dresser space, so belts it is.

Here's another quick and easy one. I've mentioned a time or two  that I got some cool stuff from a local restaurant when they did a remodel. Their counters had menus under 11"x21" pieces of Plexiglass. They were also throwing out their old touch up paint because they were changing the interior colors. My fiance loves to craft and paint, so she rescued the Plexiglass and paint from ending up in a landfill and suggested we make some art. We laid the Plexiglass out side-to-side on an old drop cloth, cracked open the paint cans, and went to town! Not only did we create some pretty cool art work, but we had a boat load of fun doing it!

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  1. I love this one. Great way to make cheap interesting art and work off some frustrations at the same time! You really should sign these - at some point they could actually be worth money. Just make sure you put the cat's name on them - have you seen the prices some of the animal art is going for??? Seriously.