Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wheelbarrow Thing-a-mah-doo

We don't have a garage and my work shop is (no exaggeration) 9' x 12'. We have no place to put our wheelbarrow so this is how we've been storing it.

This morning I was watching 'This Old House' and they showed a very clever, but complicated, way of storing a wheelbarrow. It involved latches and bolts and other things I found completely unnecessary.

So I simplified it and stuck the wheelbarrow to our fence.

I took two scrap pieces of 4" cedar fence boards, created a 1/2' lip with them and screwed them to the fence about an inch below the lip of the wheelbarrow.

Instead of purchasing and installing a latch to hold it in place I simply used a 3" scrap of wood, a 1 5/8" wood screw, and two washers from the Brother Printer I took apart.

Now, I simply wheel the barrow up to the base block, tip it up and turn the latch to hold it firmly in place. It's a complete coincidence that it fits exactly under the top board of the fence.

Next I'll need to do something about the wheelbarrow handles. One has to wear gloves during use or they'll get a fist full o' slivers.


  1. Try sanding them and put a fresh coat of varathane on. Or lots of stain, what ever you have handy. Q

  2. Clever man. Although, I like the look of it thrown by the tree. It looks like you had hired a wino landscaper.