Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cubicle Clock

 As my parents abandoned moved out of my childhood home to take up more permanent residence in Hawai'i, they discovered that they had amassed a tremendous amount of stuff they didn't need. They had a small collection of records that they had no hope of ever selling at their yard sale. Crap like Andy Williams and the Carpenters. I decided to take them off of their hands so that I can melt them into bowls. But that's another post. I still have to finish making my solar oven to melt the records. Again, another post.

After staring at the records for a few weeks I decided to turn one into a clock. Buried amongst the hot hits of the late '40s was an old 78 record called "Holiday for Trombones." I thought this would make a perfect clock for someone who is stuck on a cubicle farm all day.
A few months ago we had to replace our keyboard when my fiance spilled a glass of beer in it. I saved all of the keys from it hoping to find a nice project for them. This clock seemed like the perfect project. I used the F1-F12 keys for the hours. And since this is a clock for a cubicle, using the "Escape" key for 5 o'clock seemed apropos.


  1. Nice. I love the escape key for 5 o'clock. Brilliant.

  2. Geez, your projects just keep getting better and better! You should try selling some of them on eBay or Craig's List.

    1. Lesley wants me to set up an Etsy account. I spose I should just get about doing that. Apparently they don't set themselves up. And Kris is gonna score me some more keyboards, so I should be able to crank these out pretty easily.